Ancestral Drums are handcrafted in the Native American style. We work in Native Drum Makers traditions, honouring the animal and its medicine, making the drum in ceremony with prayer. We offer this beautifully crafted drum in a 16" Willow hand frame with beater. The beater head is made of soft leather and packed with alpaca wool, giving it a gentle tone. Our drums are made from Buffalo rawhide as this seems to suit our damp climate better then deer which means they stay tight for longer. Our drums are excellent choices for drum circles, sound healing, ceremony, rituals and personal use. In every culture and on every continent ...the drum is or has been used for sacred ceremony. Shamans of every tribe have used the drum in ceremony, for healing, and for journeying. Every Ancestral Drum will come with the powerful energy of the Animal, the maker and artist if painted.The above photo is our stock photo and may not be the same drum or beater, but will be the drum meant for you. 

16'' Buffalo Hide Shamanic Drum with Beater

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